I am a warm heat patch you can put on your body

Heat Therapy is a long lasting deep penetrating heat patch which provides soothing relief from muscular pain & menstrual cramps for up to 8 hours. This ultra-thin, odourless heating patch is air-activated & applies directly to the skin. It offers discreet comfort and can be worn unnoticed under clothing as you go about your daily routine. Infused with natural herbs to provide optimum care, comfort, and relaxation. The herb Argy wormwood is used to help with inflammation and detox. SELF-ADHESIVE: stays in place by sticking to the clothing or skin for abdominal discomfort AIR-ACTIVATED: no need of heating with microwave or electricity, self heat feature for travel CLINICALLY PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS: relieves pain and discomfort associated with menstrual cycle. Alleviate menstrual cramps. Relax tight muscles and enhance flexibility & mobility NATURAL, HERBAL THERAPY - Infused with 5 herbal ingredients proven to be effective in soothing abdominal discomfort, reduce swelling and bloating, and improve mood and energy. Free from non-toxic ingredients.
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Back pain
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Period cramps
Aching Joints
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Heat Therapy is easy to use

Stick it on where it hurts like a bandaid

Heat Therapy can be used for general health and detox
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Say hello to a simple, safe, and effective method.

Filled with herbal poweder, self-heating panel, and medical grade adhesives
Combining traditional moxibustion techniques with modern technology
8 hours of heat therapy simply activated by air, self-adhesive, gentle and environmentally friendlt, detox

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